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Welcome to The Institute of Co-Creative Arts (TICCA).

We are a 501(c)3 Educational Non-profit dedicated to co-creating the future of a globally conscious humanity. To us, co-creating means recognizing and collaborating with the consciousness, both physical and non-physical, that is inherent in the world around us. We support personal empowerment through a changed perspective:
We conduct and provide funding for community enrichment or for people who are unable to pay the usual and customary fees for such activities as workshops, lectures, classes, mentoring, performance, earth healing, ritual, balancing work. We also collaborate with like-minded individuals and organizations. We are dedicated to supporting and cultivating the shift of consciousness currently taking place in humanity.

TICCA (pronounced TEE-ka) works with inner partners and the living intelligence of nature in all of its activities. We hold that reconnecting with these nonphysical aspects of our world is one of the most important things that we, as humans, can do to ensure that we all survive. The current environmental crisis is an outward manifestation of the deep isolation of humanity from the innate, non-physical wisdom of the planet.

Humans have a much bigger part in the holism of our many-dimensional planet than most people realize; we are poised as a race to understand both ourselves and our world in a radically new, exciting and enlightening way. At TICCA, it is both our joy and mission to help people make this reconnection with themselves, and with loving beings of tremendous wisdom and universal power, in order that, together, we can open out what co-creation really means.

Our organization was formed co-creatively with non-physical partners, and we continue to work in this manner to expand TICCA's mission.