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The Mission of The Institute of Co-Creative Arts (TICCA)

Our aim is to help lift Western Culture out of a limited focus on the material world and into an expanded relationship of co-creation with the primal powers of the spirit and natural worlds, within which we truly and enduringly exist.

We do this by:

  1. Providing funding, collaborative support and scholarships for TICCA-approved courses and events.

  2. Working with, and supporting others to work with, the spiritual forces of Earth and Cosmos as enshrined within perennial wisdom traditions.

  3. Generating, promoting and supporting educational and spiritual aspects of the Western Esoteric Tradition including:

    • The Inner Temple Traditions Inner Convocation® model for spiritual development,  participation and growth,

    • Classical Mythology and Spiritual Philosophy,

    • Celtic Mythology including the Merlin Tradition, the King Arthur and Grail cycle, and

    • Ancestral, Folkloric Faery Magic and regenerative UnderWorld teachings.



The Intitute of Co-Creative Arts (TICCA)

Our logo represents the partnership of humans and spirit beings, as two parts of one whole, both emerging from the unmanifest and surrounded by the infinite. Within the partnership—which is represented by the twining tree—are the vesica (the shape of the divine feminine principle); the heart, representing universal love; and the flame of being, which underlies all existence.