Western Esoteric Tradition

The Western Esoteric Tradition is comprised of diverse yet interrelated spiritual traditions arising out of the Western cultures and civilizations. It includes a number of perennial spiritual practices/religions that, though unique in and of themselves, jointly adhere to the philosophies that are embodied in the social principles, mores and folkways of such cultures. Historically, the Western Esoteric Tradition developed over millennia within the broad, ancestral practices of Mesopotamia, the Mediterranean, Europe and Russia.

This Tradition holds to a simple yet profound belief in the liberty and responsibility of the individual to find and travel his or her own way to enlightenment or unity consciousness. We believe it is through the human earthly experience that the soul grows and furthers its inevitable union with the Supreme Divine. Furthermore, all positive transformations gained through spiritual and magical work should enable and expand our service to the greater whole.

There are a number of common threads in the various beliefs and values that make up the Western Esoteric Tradition, including the following: